3 Activities To Do With Your Kids After a Divorce

Divorce can be a painful and confusing time in a family’s life. It’s normal for children to experience a roller coaster of emotions — from sadness, loss, hurt and anger, to confusion, guilt, and abandonment. Every child manages in their own way and heals at their own pace. However, there are a number of ways parents can help make coping during this difficult period of transition a little easier.


Anger, sadness, worry, relief, confusion, guilt, embarrassment, loneliness, nervousness — these are all common emotions that children experience when their parents get a divorce. Many children have difficulty expressing their emotions in words. Drawing pictures of feelings can be an easier way for children to express how they truly feel inside.

This process helps children express themselves in a positive manner and aids parents in knowing what their children are thinking and feeling concerning the divorce. After your child has drawn a picture, ask specific questions about the drawing. Encourage him or her to explain what he or she has drawn and why. Be positive and supportive.


Many children’s books address the topic of divorce. Reading such books with your child can be a valuable way to help them work through the feelings and concerns he is facing regarding the divorce in his own life. Children often identify with characters in books. Discussing how characters work through their challenges can give your child insight into their own situation.


Many children also look toward more active methods of expressing their feelings, and parents should not be afraid of them doing so. Exercising and sports can be a healthy and beneficial way of working through their anger or frustration with their parental divorce, and it can be something that the parent can do with the child. They need to know that you’re working through this too.

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